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A/C Problems That May Affect Your Commercial Property’s Cooling System

Commercial air conditioning systems provide more benefits than simple cooling. They may be necessary for the health and safety of your employees. They create a comfortable and appealing atmosphere for retail shoppers. They protect stock and assets that could be damaged by overheating. Commercial A/C problems can occur just as easily as in smaller systems, […]

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Don’t Let Maintenance Slide on Your Commercial Boiler

Commercial boilers are sturdy pieces of equipment that are designed for long life with minimal attention. However, your boiler still requires regular inspections and maintenance to run properly and safely. Generally, an annual maintenance visit by a qualified professional is sufficient, though some modern high-efficiency models may need adjusting twice a year to keep them […]

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Air Sealing Options to Consider for Your Home

Air sealing is an essential part of maintaining energy efficiency in any building. Insulation is only half the job, as a home that’s well insulated but poorly sealed will still experience poor efficiency due to these leaks. Locate and seal as many leaks as possible to keep your home well-sealed so your heating and cooling […]

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7 Energy Saving Myths You’ve Been Following (And What To Do Instead)

As energy costs have risen in recent years, many energy saving myths have sprung up that supposedly help you conserve. Some, however, are simply false, and others have good intentions, but in reality, can cost you more, particularly with your heating and cooling system. Closing off a room saves energy. While it would seem this […]

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Your Geothermal Heating and Cooling System: 5 Maintenance Musts

Geothermal heating and cooling provides highly efficient, year-round home comfort. It’s a growing trend in America; more than one million homeowners have installed geothermal systems on their properties so far. One major benefit of geothermal heating and cooling systems is that they require minimal maintenance. With few moving parts, there’s little that can go wrong. […]

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Hot Attic? Consider Boosting Ventilation With An Attic Fan

When the weather outside is warm, homeowners rarely consider their hot attic. Though you may not give it much thought, a hot attic that’s not properly ventilated may be contributing to your utility spending. To reduce energy usage and improve your home comfort, consider installing an attic fan.

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Water Furnace Geothermal Systems: You’ll See High Utility Bills Gone

You’ve probably heard about the installation of environmentally friendly geothermal systems in commercial businesses, schools and other large buildings. However, WaterFurnace geothermal systems are also gaining in popularity for residential applications, due to their quiet, even comfort and unbelievable energy savings. Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the area’s leading installer for WaterFurnace geothermal […]

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How to Troubleshoot Frozen A/C Coils

When your air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cool air, your home can quickly become uncomfortably warm. Before you pick up the phone to call your HVAC technician, you can try troubleshooting one of the most common causes of reduced cooling ability — frozen A/C coils. Simple Steps for Troubleshooting Frozen Air Conditioner Coils Turn on […]

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Batts, Blown-in or Sprayed Insulation: Which Is Best?

What’s the best insulation for your house? Put simply, the purpose of insulation is to inhibit the movement of heat. In summer, insulation prevents unwanted heat gain into the house while in winter it reduces heat loss. When existing insulation is insufficient, heating and cooling costs tend to go up and indoor comfort declines. To […]

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Common A/C Problems — What to Know and How to Cope

Common A/C problems don’t seem common when it’s your home and its the hottest day of a summer heat wave. Any problem at that time is a special occasion. Today’s air conditioners are built to take heavy usage and breakdowns are less common than ever. Advanced technology and component engineering as well as regularly scheduled […]

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Plumbing Preventive Maintenance: 5 Simple Tips To Use Now

Plumbing preventive maintenance can save homeowners time, money and hassle. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know the simple tips that can help them avoid costly repairs in the future. Read on to discover five tips that can help you keep your plumbing in good shape. 1. Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clear By Reducing Trapped Grease The […]

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Your Facility Could Benefit From Radiant Barriers

Summer sunshine on your commercial building will do more than simply raise the temperature in the area around the structure. Direct sunlight also heats up attic spaces and upper areas in the building, creating radiant heat that moves downward into your offices and other areas. Proper insulation can help, but the more effective solution is […]

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Summer Is Over, Should You Cover Up the A/C Condenser?

Preparing your home for the colder winter months ahead takes time. Yard furniture is put up, leaves begin to fall and many home owners are asking if they should cover up the A/C condenser. You will find that depending on where you live, this answer can have different outcomes. To Cover Your A/C, or Not […]

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Energy Vampires: Are You Keeping Them From Overpowering Your Home?

If you leave electronic devices plugged in when you’re not using them, you’re subjecting your home to power-draining energy vampires. If you want to save more energy, here’s what you need to know to keep from wasting energy.

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The Importance of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

The main reason that most homeowners use bathroom exhaust fans is odor control, but good bathroom ventilation matters in other ways too. Some of the reasons to have well-functioning fans that are sized and installed properly include: Regular fan use clears out humidity from showering and bathing, which keeps mold growth at bay and preserves […]

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Correct Furnace Sizing Is Key for Comfort

Are you thinking about getting a new furnace? Before you jump into purchasing a new heating system for your home, it’s imperative that you get the right furnace sizing. Both undersized or oversized systems can give you a lot of headaches, and really hit hard in the household budget. Not having the right heating equipment […]

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Consider 3 Benefits of Using a Zoning System

The benefits of using a zoning system include customized control over the varied temperature environments under one roof. Upstairs areas bask in rising hot air; shaded lower floors get chilled quickly. Design features like cathedral ceilings and expansive windows impose diverse temperature ranges, while add-on rooms and renovations have their own individual heating and cooling […]

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