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What to Do With a Contractor Quote

When you’re having work done on your HVAC system, the project starts with a contractor quote. You call in a few local contractors, and they each tell you how much they expect the work to cost. But how do you proceed from there? Here are some tips for what to do once you’ve gotten your […]

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Heat Recovery Ventilation for Your Commercial Space: What Is It?

In a commercial environment, one major challenge is providing enough ventilation while keeping the indoor spaces warm without wasting energy or money. In the winter, with cool air being brought in to provide ventilation, a heating system may have to work overtime to warm incoming ventilated air to an acceptable temperature. When this happens, you’re […]

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Is Your Building’s Boiler Ready for an Upgrade?

A sturdy old boiler can be the source of many years of effective heating for your commercial building, but eventually even the most reliable boiler system will start to fail. If properly maintained, a commercial boiler can last for 15 years or more — many have been known to last much longer than that. Here […]

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A Whole-Building Plan for Energy Savings: How All Parts of the HVAC System Are Involved

While you might have heard about the benefits of certain high-efficiency HVAC components, maximizing your energy savings in the Delaware and Maryland area’s muggy summers and chilly winters takes more than just one or two components. Because every part of your building’s HVAC system relies on the others for optimal performance, your entire system must […]

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Troubleshooting Guide to Common Furnace Problems

If you’ve used furnaces for home heating for years or even decades, problems may still arise that you’re unfamiliar with – especially with today’s high-tech systems. While professional HVAC maintenance is the best option to prevent furnace problems, try the following troubleshooting tips if your system conks out when you need it most. Zero Heat […]

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Where to Begin? Prioritize Energy Saving Projects for your Business

In most commercial establishments, energy costs can account for 40 percent or more of a company’s monthly expenses. Any reductions in these expenditures can represent significant cash savings. Implementing energy saving projects in your business can start with small changes that provide immediate results while preparing for larger changes later. 1. Reduce Heating and Cooling […]

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Water Heaters: Increase Your System’s Energy-Savings Potential

Next to cooling and heating your home, water heaters use the most energy. Lowering your water heating costs is one of the easiest ways to save energy, since you may not even notice any difference after you employ all or some of these tips to help you contain your water heating costs:

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How Often Should You Clean Your Home Humidifier?

Home humidifiers are available in portable console models, tabletop and whole-home systems that attach to forced-air ductwork. How often you should clean your home humidifier will depend on its type and frequency of use. Cleaning a Console or Tabletop Humidifier Console and tabletop humidifiers add water vapor to your home to keep you comfortable all […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Programmable Thermostat This Fall

As the weather begins to cool this fall, you are probably thinking about your energy bill again. It is important that your home be comfortable but you also want to save on your heating costs. And with rising energy costs, running your heating system efficiently can help to keep these expenses under control. Properly using […]

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Common Commercial Sewer Problems and How to Repair

A clear and functional sewer system is necessary to maintain health, hygiene, and safety in your commercial establishment. Sewer and drainage systems remove human waste, excess rainwater or floodwater, kitchen waste, and other sources of liquid and solid waste. In a commercial setting, drains can be affected by many of the same factors that cause […]

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What’s Involved in a Professional Energy Audit?

A commercial facility’s energy expenses can be among its highest and most consistent monthly costs. Any steps toward energy efficiency and reductions in energy usage can result in significant savings along with improved indoor comfort, better HVAC system performance, and overall increases in conservation. A professional energy audit is a good first step toward improving […]

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Take the Plunge: Tips on Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

As with so many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to plumbing. Nipping a problem in the bud is far easier and less expensive than dealing with a major plumbing issue in the future, and these preventative plumbing maintenance steps can help keep things flowing smoothly. Check […]

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Signs that Your Air Conditioner is Failing

With summer heat, your first instinct is probably to close up the windows and crank up the A/C to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. That dependable unit will just roar to life, filling your home with wonderfully cool air — until it doesn’t. Nothing spoils summer like an air conditioner that suddenly fails, but how could […]

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Energy-Saving Benefits of Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance

It should be pretty obvious that an investment in commercial HVAC maintenance offers energy-saving benefits, but some business owners are penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to maintenance. Short-changing maintenance to save a few bucks can be costly in the long run. Commercial HVAC maintenance will not only lower utility costs, but it […]

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Duct Testing: What It Is, And Why You Should Do It

If your home is several decades old, duct testing is something to consider if you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient since your ducts probably aren’t what they used to be. In many cases, they weren’t that great to begin with. Ductwork installed during original construction may well have been made for an era […]

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Fix These Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Conventional water heaters store gallons of water and keep it constantly heated to a set temperature, which wastes energy. Imagine a scenario where water is heated only as it’s needed, and then imagine the savings. Of course no system is without issues, including a demand-type heater. Here are some common tankless water heater problems you […]

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Which Room Doesn’t Match the Rest of Your House?

If there’s at least one room or area of your home that never seems to get warm enough during the winter, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most houses in the DE, MD, PA and NJ region aren’t consistently heated throughout. So what can be causing that cold spot in your home and what should you do […]

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Your HVAC-System Filtration: Just as Important in Your Commercial Building as It Is at Home

In both commercial and residential settings, one of the most important functions of the HVAC system is air filtration. HVAC-system filtration helps improve indoor air quality by removing particulates and other material that could create musty, unpleasant air; trigger allergies or asthma symptoms; or cause respiratory issues and possibly disease. Filters can remove dust, lint, […]

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