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How to Reduce Wasted Energy in Commercial Buildings

A major part of managing and maintaining a commercial building is implementing a process to trim energy usage and cut down energy waste. Heating, cooling, water heating, lighting and other related energy-consuming factors all make up a major portion of any building’s budget. However, even small changes in energy use and conservation can result in […]

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A Quick Home Maintenance Guide for Busy Homeowners

Are you intimidated by the idea of home maintenance? If so, you’re not alone; we get a lot of HVAC and plumbing questions from homeowners. At Sobieski, we like to remind customers that regular home maintenance is not only about making repairs but also about preventing future breakdowns and costly upgrades. To help make home […]

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The Energy Star: Guide For You In Your Home-Comfort Decisions

How do you know which changes you can make around the house to save the most energy and keep you comfortable? Look to Energy Star, a program created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Their goal is to help Delaware homeowners just like you use less energy and protect […]

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How to Survive a Heat Wave | Summer Air Conditioning Tips

Summer Air Conditioning Tips to Save Money and Energy Change Your Air Filter Dirty air filters compromise HVAC efficiency and lead to poor indoor air quality. Improve system efficiency and air quality by remembering to check you air filter every 30 days. Make sure you have plenty of backup filters on hand. Look for higher […]

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Grease is NOT the Word – The Effects of Pouring Grease Down Your Drain

One significant cause for service calls to plumbers is grease clogs in drains. The problem is completely preventable, though, and you should never poor cooking oil or grease down the kitchen drain. Animal fat and vegetable oil are liquid immediately after you cook with them, but after they cool they can harden the inside of […]

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Increased Benefits and Performance of Duct Sealing

One of top priorities in any home efficiency project is duct sealing. On average, HVAC ducts in a house circulate about 1,400 cubic feet per minute of heated or cooled air. Leaky duct joints and deteriorating ductwork are a major energy drain in homes. Building codes in many localities today require leak testing ducts and […]

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Does Your Ductwork Need a Thorough Cleaning? 3 Telltale Signs

Professional ductwork cleaninghas benefited many homeowners here in Wilmington and surrounding areas, but not every home needs the service. There is no set frequency for duct cleaning, either. In certain situations, however, having your duct system professionally cleaned could improve your indoor air quality, according to the federal EPA. When Duct Cleaning is Recommended 1. […]

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Tips for Locating Plumbing Leaks

Leaks in your home can cause a significant amount of damage when they’re not found and fixed. They also result in higher water bills, which can add up over time. Since plumbing leaks can occur in several parts of your home, it’s important to know how to locate them. Faucets and Fixtures Leaks commonly occur […]

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How to Spot a Humidity Problem in Your Business Building

Maintaining a proper level of humidity in your business building is necessary not only for indoor comfort but to prevent damage to the structure of the building and the devices, materials, and other objects kept indoors. A humidity problem in your commercial space can make the area uncomfortable for employees and customers. It can damage […]

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How to Select the Right Sump Pump for Your Basement

A sump pump is the most effective method of removing excess water from your home, particularly in basements and crawl spaces. Whether you are worried about flooding due to heavy rainfall or you live in an area with a high water table, a sump pump will automatically remove the water accumulation and send it to […]

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Ventilation: Don’t Underestimate Its Importance in Commercial Settings

Whether at home, work or school, some estimates suggest we’re in an indoor environment as much as 90 percent of the time. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to air quality in the spaces we occupy, particularly in commercial settings. Keeping indoor air quality high often requires an adequate source of ventilation combined […]

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Need Sewer Line Repair? Go Trenchless, and Avoid the Dig

No homeowner looks forward to news that his or her home’s sewer line needs repair or replacement. This and other pipe and plumbing problems are common issues that can rack up a hefty bill. When traditional backhoe methods are used, sewer line repair also means big landscaping messes as workers dig up the yard to […]

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UV Lights: You Have Them in Your Home–Maybe Your Commercial Building Should Have Them Too

The deterioration of the performance of your commercial air conditioning system is an unavoidable side effect of equipment wear and age. There are, however, techniques you can use to slow this loss of effectiveness and efficiency. One of the most effective involves regular maintenance of cooling coils and the use of UV lights to help […]

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Saving Energy in the Summer

It seems we no sooner are done with the high gas bills of winter than it’s time to turn on the air conditioner, and watch the electricity bills soar. Just remember, efficiency is the key to keeping summertime energy bills under control. Following are some guidelines for saving energy in your home this summer. Natural […]

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How Long Should a Heat Pump Last in My Home?

In mild climates, heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. Rather than generating heat, which expends a lot of energy, these units move heat. For instance, a heat pump cools your home by pumping heat outside and warms your home by moving warm air inside. What is the lifespan […]

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The Best Windows for Energy Efficiency

Windows provide illumination and a scenic view of the outdoors, but they can also be a weak link in your household energy strategy. After all the holes in a typical home are sealed and insulation is upgraded to current standards, the glass in your windows may still be a two-way portal for heat gain and […]

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Consider a Whole-Home Ventilation System

Throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, stale indoor air in winter and summer humidity can cause real comfort issues. A whole-home ventilation system helps solve these problems in ways your bathroom vents can’t. How a Whole-Home Ventilation System Differs Opening windows, running your kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans, and upgrading to a higher-efficiency furnace filter […]

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Buying A New Air Conditioner: Technology That Maximizes Efficiency

As air conditioning technology gets better and better, more features become available to improve energy efficiency and home comfort. These features increase an air conditioner’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER, the lower your air conditioning bills will be this summer. The potential for energy savings is significant when you take advantage […]

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