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Consider Purchasing a Planned Maintenance Agreement

The performance of your HVAC system depends to a great extent on the quality and frequency of maintenance the equipment receives. A planned maintenance agreement can ensure your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or boiler runs at its best level while also helping relieve the need to remember to call your service provider for scheduling. […]

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Voice Evacuation vs. Mass Notification — Which Is Right for Your Commercial Space?

The 2010 edition of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code was the first edition to allow the use of fire alarm notification systems to communicate other information in buildings during the event of non-fire emergencies. This information is typically distributed throughout a building via visual and audio methods. In-building emergency notification methods include […]

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Don’t Believe These Popular Home Energy Myths

The most common home energy myths are either based on incomplete information or facts that have long been debunked over time. Don’t waste energy this summer by implementing the home energy myths presented below. Instead, you should learn some true ways to save big. Myth: Investing in an efficient air conditioner will automatically result in […]

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Characteristics of a Good Plumber and How to Find One

You might be the do-it-yourself type when it comes to home repairs and plumbing. What happens when the job is too big and you need a little help? Knowing the characteristics of a good plumber will help you select the right one for home. Your Friends and Neighbors Trust Them One way to find a […]

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The Importance of Having a Good Furnace Filter

An efficient heating system is essential to maintain home comfort and reasonable energy bills in the Mid-Atlantic region. Have you given much thought to protecting your heating system as cooler weather arrives? Keep reading to learn the importance of changing your furnace filter through the heating months. Maximize HVAC Performance The primary purpose of your […]

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How Do You Find an Indoor Water Leak?

Water leaks from pipes, toilets, water tanks or other plumbing fixtures may cause significant damage and dramatically increase your bills. While some water leaks can be easily spotted during your regular plumbing system maintenance, others may require meticulous investigations. Here’s how you can promptly find an indoor water leak and avoid emergency plumbing service: Check […]

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Breathe Easy & Control Your Indoor Air Quality Issues

Did you know that indoor air can be two to five times more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air? Add to that the fact that the average American spends about 90% of their day indoors, and indoor air quality (IAQ) becomes a very important thing to think about. Many homes here in the Mid-Atlantic Region […]

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Ideal for New Commercial Construction or Retrofits

One of the more important elements of new commercial construction or renovation is the building’s heating and cooling system. Geothermal heating and cooling is appropriate for almost any commercial construction or retrofit application and should be given careful consideration for your project.

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Problem With Your HVAC System? Your NATE Technician Is On It!

Any problem with your HVAC system is an interruption in the comfortable routine of your family’s life. Your objective is to get it fixed as quickly, and as inexpensively, as possible. Your immediate temptation as a handy homeowner might be to do it yourself. And, there are some circumstances when that is the appropriate decision. […]

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Hot Water Dispensers: An Upgrade with Immediate Results

Waiting for the kettle to boil when you are in the mood for an excellent cup of tea can be very frustrating. Kettles use a lot of energy and when lime scale or calcium starts to build-up, it takes longer for the kettle to boil water, thereby increasing the amount of energy used. Your kitchen […]

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Keeping an Eye on Plumbing Maintenance Can Ward Off Emergencies

Taking care of your home can sometimes feel like a full-time job. From chores that keep your home clean to HVAC repairs to plumbing preventive maintenance, there’s no end to the things that keep your home running smoothly. Taking preventative measures is critical, however, if you want to avoid complications and the expensive repairs that […]

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Types of Water Shutoff Valves

If the extent of your plumbing knowledge is unclogging a toilet or a sink, you’re certainly not alone. As a homeowner, you don’t really need to know a lot about plumbing. However, knowing where each water shutoff valve is located in your home can prevent a common plumbing mess from becoming a major plumbing emergency. […]

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Consider an Energy Audit to Evaluate Your Building’s Envelope

When you talk about your building’s envelope, you’re referring to how airtight the structure is and its energy efficiency. A tight envelope prevents air and energy loss, improves the function and efficiency of HVAC equipment, and reduces the amount you pay each month for heating, cooling, and energy. When you evaluate your building’s envelope with […]

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5 Ways New Jersey Homeowners Can Prevent Dirty Ductwork

Why should you be concerned about preventing dirty ductwork? It’s out of sight, so what harm can a little dirt do? However, depending on the state of your health, preventing dirty ductwork may be crucial. Here’s why: Dirty Ductwork Problems Dirty ductwork can actually impact you in three major ways: Aggravating health problems Diminishing indoor […]

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Two-In-One Commercial Building Protection: Fire And Safety Systems

As the security and safety needs of modern businesses increase, so does the need for a functional and effective integrated system to monitor and control multiple aspects of commercial building protection. An integrated fire and security system can give you the basic protection offered by top-of-the-line fire alarms, along with additional security services that make […]

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Commercial HVAC Systems Require A/C Maintenance: Learn Its Benefits

The air conditioning system in your commercial facility represents a considerable financial investment in indoor comfort and environmental control. A functional air conditioner is vital to keeping your staff and customers comfortable and safe. A cooling system breakdown can make employees and on-site clients miserable, put people in your facility at risk of heat-related injuries […]

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Important Reasons Why You Should Have Your HVAC System Serviced

Your HVAC system contains some of the most costly and essential equipment in your home, so it makes good sense to keep it well cared for with regular professional maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule a cooling system service visit every spring, and a heating system checkup each fall. If you’re wondering if semi-annual preventive maintenance […]

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Upgrading Your Indoor Air Quality: a 3-Step Strategy

The air in your home is likely much dirtier than the air outside. The particulate and gaseous pollutants in your air contribute to allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and can cause a number of health problems later on. Maintaining good indoor air quality is essential for good health. Use this three-step strategy to improve […]

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