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Why a Tankless Water Heater is a Good Investment for Your Home

The tankless water heater continues to take market share from conventional storage tank models. The potential to enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of hot water is a major selling point to many homeowners, as is the increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and longer expected service life that tankless heaters offer. These and other factors […]

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Can Changing Ceiling Fan Direction Really Enhance Your Home’s Cooling Efficiency?

Winter has come to an end, and summer is on its way. After running your furnace all season, soon you’ll be switching to your A/C — and your high energy bills will continue. It’s important to find ways to reduce your energy use while still keeping your house comfortable. There are a number of things […]

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How Does Geothermal Energy Compare to Other Energy Sources?

In residential settings, geothermal energy offers the most dependable, renewable and affordable solution for home heating and cooling. Wind and solar power can also keep homes comfortable, but the amount of energy it takes to power an HVAC system usually exceeds the amount that either of these resources can generate. Heating and cooling a home […]

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Common Commercial Water Issues & How to Manage the Problem

Commercial water systems can be affected by a number of serious problems that affect water quality and safety. Here are just some of the most common commercial water issues and water treatments that can help resolve them: Hard water: Hard water is a relatively common problem in areas where excess amounts of minerals, such as […]

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Should You Consider a Trenchless Sewer Line?

A trenchless sewer line takes a lot of the trauma out of sewer replacement. Collapsing pipe segments, damaging tree roots, frequent clogs and backups—at some point a new sewer line is the only viable answer to the ongoing headaches of living with an aging, dysfunctional sewer. Yet, it’s often a dreaded prospect for most homeowners, […]

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Boost Water Heater Performance By Considering Insulation Options

Water heater performance depends on a number of factors, including sufficient insulation. The heater’s storage tank must keep water warm in-between usage by household occupants. If heated water cools due to insufficient insulation, it must be heated all over again, consuming double the energy.

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Tips for Managing Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Why can’t the household thermostat, once it’s set at your desired temperature, heat or cool your entire home to that setting without any problem? In most homes, this is a pipe dream. Hot and cold spots persist no matter where you set the thermostat. One family member might be perfectly comfortable in one room, while […]

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Proper Attic Insulation Can Save Energy and Keep You Comfortable

The most important target area for home insulation is usually the attic. The reason is simple: During winter, furnace heat naturally rises and conducts and radiates through the ceiling, losing energy into the colder attic. In summer, a broiling, overheated attic conducts and radiates heat downward, raising temperatures in living spaces and overworking your A/C. […]

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Do You Have a Maintenance Agreement for Your Business’ Repairs?

With all the daily stresses involved in running your business, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the tasks that need to be done every few months or annually. HVAC system maintenance and repair falls under this category. Perhaps the most convenient and reliable method of ensuring that maintenance and repair happens on time every time is […]

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5 Principles of HVAC Ductwork Design

The principles of ductwork design used today correct many common installation errors of years past. However, the benefits of good duct design, such as lower energy bills and greater comfort, are only applicable to your Mid-Atlantic home if you hire the right contractor that adheres to industry best practices. If you suspect you need duct […]

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Design-Phase Commissioning Starts With a Roadmap to Your Destination

The construction of a commercial building is a complex process that requires careful planning and knowledge of expectations at all stages of the project. Modern buildings that adhere to environmentally “green” standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) must be commissioned. A major element of design-phase commissioning involves identification and documentation of […]

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Are Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Working Order?

It won’t be long before you need to start up the furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable. Before you do, it’s vital to schedule professional furnace maintenance so you know it’s operating safely, then check each carbon monoxide detector in your home to make sure it’s working properly. Functional Carbon Monoxide Detectors Ensure […]

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It’s Not Too Early for Heating Maintenance — Here’s Why

Regardless of the fact that you might still not be mentally prepared for the colder weather, it’s approaching quickly. And once the freezing temperatures arrive in the Delaware Valley area, they will stay for a while. Since you probably haven’t thought about heating your home since last winter, now is the time to get prepared […]

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The Energy Star: Guide For You In Your Home-Comfort Decisions

How do you know which changes you can make around the house to save the most energy and keep you comfortable? Look to Energy Star, a program created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Their goal is to help Delaware homeowners just like you use less energy and protect […]

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Ductless Mini Splits Offer Several Mounting Options

You have many choices in providing heating/cooling to your home, from traditional furnaces and central air conditioners to geothermal or air-source heat pump systems. For providing indoor air comfort for an older home lacking existing air ducts, for a home-addition or conversion of an attic or garage area into living space, the best choice may […]

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Switch Your Heat Pump from Summer to Fall for Maximum Efficiency

Now is the time to prepare your heat pump for the cooler fall months. The temperatures will be dropping at night and soon winter will be here. Maintenance tasks and repairs are easier to accomplish now before the job is made more difficult by cold weather. As a homeowner, you can perform several maintenance tasks. […]

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Duct Sealing: Is Your Building Up to Code or Does It Need Attention?

The ductwork is the system that carries heated or cooled air from your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or boiler to locations throughout your building. HVAC performance relies on this conditioned air moving unobstructed and without leakage through the ductwork and out of registers at the far ends of the system. To prevent air leaks, […]

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Strange HVAC Noises in Your Office Building Could Mean a Problem

A well-maintained heating and cooling system in your office building should work reliably and run quietly. A low background hum as the equipment functions or as air moves out of the ductwork should be about as loud as the system gets. However, if employees or tenants in your offices begin expressing concerns about unusual sounds […]

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