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Great Reasons to Buy a Humidifier for Your Young Family

With winter already finding its way into the area, it’s time to consider the comfort of your family. Having a baby in the house means you need to take extra steps caring for one so young, especially if they can’t tell you what’s wrong. An ideal way to keep your baby comfortable is to buy […]

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Air Filtration Or Air Cleaning? Learn Which One Outperforms The Other

When it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality, there are several areas to investigate, but do you focus on air filtration or air cleaning? What’s the difference?

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HVAC Efficiency Standards: When Will They be Raised?

Imagine replacing some of the technology that sits in your Wilmington-area home with whatever was its equivalent from your parents’ heyday. Today’s televisions, computers and telephones are far more reliable, versatile and energy efficient than models from two decades in the past. Yet federal HVAC efficiency standards today are at the same levels as they […]

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Get Better Results From Your Water Heater With These 5 Tips

As the second-largest energy expense in most Delaware homes, water heating usually makes up around 18 percent of our energy bills. With an expense that significant, it pays to take these five basic steps to keep your water heater performing at optimal efficiency. 1. Lower the thermostat. Water heating systems often come with the thermostat […]

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A Humidifier Can Contribute to Better Comfort and Savings in Winter

When it’s cold and wet or snowy outside in the winter, it’s comforting to stay warm and dry inside. But, is your home too dry? Learn the benefits a whole-house humidifier will provide you and your loved ones through the heating months, including a better home-comfort experience, more healthful indoor air quality (IAQ), and even […]

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Should You Install a Building Dehumidifier?

Between summer humidity and winter snow and rain, moisture can become a real problem in the New Jersey and Maryland area. If you’ve noticed signs of excess moisture in your building, a dehumidifier can help. This device brings your indoor humidity down to a healthy, comfortable level. Signs You Could Benefit from a Dehumidifier Humidity […]

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Variable-Speed Air Handler Offers Premium Benefits

If there was a way to save more energy each month, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Well, a variable-speed air handler is a valuable energy-saving addition to any home, but it’s particularly helpful for homeowners in the Wilmington area, with its long winters and hot summers. For the best in variable-speed air handler […]

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Go Green with Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures in Your Office

In today’s business environment, companies are constantly being encouraged to put energy conservation policies and procedures in place. Going “green” makes a lot of sense, especially for businesses and offices that use substantial amounts of energy or other resources. Careful and efficient use of water goes hand in hand with green policies and energy conservation. […]

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Checklist for Home Energy Evaluations

With cooler weather approaching the mid-Atlantic region, you may be looking for ways to save energy. Saving energy is exactly the purpose of a home energy evaluation: pinpointing where your home is wasting energy and outlining the steps needed to plug the drain on your energy budget. A comprehensive energy evaluation conducted by your HVAC […]

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Use 4 Guiding Factors To Choose An Air-Purification System

While ratings from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and other organizations help point you toward air purification devices available in Delaware, these ratings alone don’t always tell the whole story. To choose an air purification system that provides state-of-the-art air cleaning, let these four factors guide you.

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Winter’s Coming and So Are Ice Dams — What They Are and How to Stop Them

Winter’s coming, and you know what that means — chilly nights, sloppy driving, snow-shoveling hassles and high heating bills. But there’s another hazard for homeowners to consider — ice dams. An ice dam on your roof can damage your home and create expensive problems inside your attic. So, find out what causes ice dams and […]

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Surprising Reasons Why Your Electric Bill is So High

Like “sticker shock” in the auto industry, “bill shock” happens every time you tear open an outstanding monthly electric bill. As a result, you’ve probably wondered if utility rates have shot up, or if a neighbor is plugging extension cords into your garage outlets at night. In most households, electrical usage tends to creep upward […]

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can Keep Work Going Without Surprise Repairs

In your commercial or retail establishment, unexpected failures or breakdowns of your HVAC equipment can cause significant problems and disruptions in your daily operations. Your heating and cooling equipment are all mechanical systems, and like any mechanical system, they will eventually malfunction. Commercial HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace, heat pump, […]

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Weigh the Benefits of a Maintenance Plan vs. a Warranty Program

It’s always a good idea to protect the things you own. Your HVAC system should not be an exception to this rule. No matter how professionally the system is installed, chances are, you’ll need repairs or upgrades to keep the system in the best shape possible. You have two options available to you: a maintenance […]

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What’s the Best Temperature for Your Commercial Building?

Keeping the indoor environment of your commercial building comfortable for your employees and customers is a fundamental part of your obligation to them. When many people are gathered in one place, it’s all but impossible to ensure that the temperature will be set at a level that will please everybody. Variations from personal preferences in […]

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Is it Really Necessary to Clean Air Ducts?

The air ducts are a vital component of the HVAC system. Yet, they just don’t get the respect they deserve. You want your A/C and furnace to be clean and efficient, right? So, why not the ducts? If you’ve been wondering if professional air duct cleaning is really necessary for your home, read on to […]

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The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Your Home Safety

All homes with fuel-burning appliances should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. If you don’t have one yet, fall is a good time to install a carbon monoxide detector, prior to using your furnace. If you already have a CO detector, be sure to test it as part of your annual fall maintenance routine. […]

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