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Effective Ways to Make Your Oil Furnace More Economical

We’re all enjoying the current dip in oil prices, but history tells us that the energy markets never stay at the same level for very long. This period of low utility cost is a great time to invest in making your oil furnace more economical. You can reduce the amount of heating oil you use […]

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Tips for Finding the Best Possible HVAC Contractor for Your Building

It’s unavoidable — eventually, the HVAC system in your commercial building will need maintenance, repair, revision, or even complete replacement. When you’re facing a significant HVAC project, you want to hire an HVAC contractor who is knowledgeable, reliable, and capable of getting the job done as quickly as possible and at a reasonable cost. The […]

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A Commercial Zoning System Can Maximize the Efforts of the HVAC System

Heating or cooling your commercial facility can challenge the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system. While furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps intended for use in business settings often have higher capacities than residential models, you may still experience problems such as inconsistent comfort levels, unnecessarily high utility bills and inefficient heating and cooling. […]

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How Much Does a Furnace Installation Cost?

If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your furnace, figuring out how much everything is going to cost can seem daunting. When determining how much it costs to install a furnace, you must consider two important factors: the cost of the unit itself and the cost of the labor. In Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New […]

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Is Your Commercial Furnace Ready for Winter Usage?

Quiet and inconspicuous as it may be, your furnace plays a major role in keeping your business running throughout the cold, snowy Delaware and Pennsylvania-area winter. If your heating system can’t do its job, you could end up having to shut down your operations until the heat comes back or at the very least, your […]

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Grease Removal is Important for Your Restaurant

One of the most common waste products from restaurant operations is grease. This combination of cooking oils, animal fats, and similar material is produced in significant quantities from food preparation, cooking, and waste disposal. Grease can be a serious problem in restaurant sewer and drainage systems, building up quickly and causing major clogs that can […]

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Don’t Sweat Heat Pump Problems: Troubleshooting Tips

It’s hard not to get concerned when heat pump issues occur as the days get colder. There’s no need to panic in most cases, however, as several heat pump problems are easily fixable at home. When you know basic troubleshooting tips for your system, you can more easily tell whether to call in professionals or […]

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Keep an Eye Out for These A/C Condensate Drain Problems

The last thing you need in the middle of a Wilmington heat wave is trouble with your cooling system. Since it produces a great deal of water along with cool air, A/C condensate drain problems are common. Read on to learn what to watch out for to keep cool this summer. Flooding and Leakage The […]

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Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

For the energy-conscious or environmentally-savvy homeowner, solar panels represent a commitment to improve your home. But they’re not a good choice for every home. These pros and cons of a solar panel installation can help you decide if you want to pursue them for your Wilmington-area home. Pros Renewable energy — Energy is a political, […]

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Duct Cleaning: Have You Ever Looked Inside Your Ductwork?

Ductwork, like any part of your home, can become dirty due to smoke, dust, and other debris both from within the house and from outside it. While the contaminants may not pose an immediate health threat, there are circumstances under which you may want to have your ducts cleaned.

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Consider A Condensing Furnace When Upgrading

When people speak of a high-efficiency furnace, they’re talking about a condensing furnace. Condensing technology increases fuel consumption efficiency as much as 20 percent over a standard furnace. The technology is safer, produces more consistent household warming and reduces the environmental impact of heating your home. All this comes with a steeper upfront sticker price. […]

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What’s the Difference Between Single-Stage, Two-Stage and Variable-Speed Furnaces?

There are three main types of furnaces suitable for residential spaces: single-stage, two-stage and variable-speed furnaces. Each furnace operates differently and provides distinctive benefits. Single-Stage, Two-Stage and Variable-Speed Furnaces A single-stage furnace runs at full capacity all of the time and does not consider current airflow in your home or the outside temperature when working […]

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A/C Problems That May Affect Your Commercial Property’s Cooling System

Commercial air conditioning systems provide more benefits than simple cooling. They may be necessary for the health and safety of your employees. They create a comfortable and appealing atmosphere for retail shoppers. They protect stock and assets that could be damaged by overheating. Commercial A/C problems can occur just as easily as in smaller systems, […]

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Learn the Possible Causes of a Wet Air Filter and How to Prevent It

Delaware and New Jersey’s oppressive summer humidity is a lot for your air conditioner to handle. A wet air filter is just one of the problems that can occur if your system isn’t in good enough condition to manage the condensate formed as it dehumidifies your air. How an Air Filter Gets Wet When warm […]

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Is Your Commercial Heat Pump Appropriately Sized to Handle Office Temperature Needs?

In a commercial environment, a heat pump can be a highly efficient and effective source of cooling, heating and dehumidification. Offices, retail stores and similar environments will benefit from the economical and energy-efficient indoor comfort provided by a heat pump. When selecting a heat pump for your commercial facility, one of the more important considerations […]

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Xeriscaping Areas Around A/C Units

Xeriscaping is a landscape style widely used where rainfall is sparse and the use of lawn as ground cover is seen as an extravagant waste of water. Outdoor areas that have been xeriscaped feature rock or masonry ground cover with landscape plants that require little water. Why Xeriscape Near the Condenser? Because there’s no lawn, […]

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Common Commercial Water Issues & How to Manage the Problem

Commercial water systems can be affected by a number of serious problems that affect water quality and safety. Here are just some of the most common commercial water issues and water treatments that can help resolve them: Hard water: Hard water is a relatively common problem in areas where excess amounts of minerals, such as […]

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A Whole-House Plan for Energy Savings: How All Parts of the HVAC System are Involved

Although HVAC systems are becoming increasingly more energy efficient, they’re still the biggest energy consumers in homes. It is possible, however, to increase energy savings at home to reduce the work load of your cooling and heating system. Doing so results in lower energy bills, longer system life, and a consistently more comfortable home. Heat […]

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