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It Pays to Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes it does pay to spend money to save money, and preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is one of those things. It’s probably the most expensive appliance in your home and like all things mechanical, needs periodic attention to run efficiently and dependably. Giving it the service it needs pays off in: Lower energy […]

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Does Your Building Know About These Sources of Energy Waste?

With all the benefits that come from reducing the amount of energy used in a commercial space, it makes sense to look for and eliminate sources of energy waste. With the cooperation of your employees and tenants, you can find out where energy is being wasted and take steps to correct the problem. Here are […]

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Lowering Bills with a Lower Water Heater Temperature

Running a hot water heater accounts for up to 25 percent of the average household’s yearly energy consumption, and lowering the thermostat setting by 20 degrees can reduce its energy use by up to 10 percent. Why the Water Heater Uses So Much Energy Although tankless units are gaining popularity, storage tank water heaters are […]

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Using Weather Stripping And Caulk To Seal? Tips For Application

When it comes to creating a home that’s as energy efficient as possible, it’s important to ensure that there are minimal leaks in your home’s shell, or thermal envelope, as professionals say. Though many homes have some degree of air leaks, it’s a quick and easy task to find these areas and nip them in […]

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Heat Pump Tips for Switching From Hot Weather to Cold Weather

Your home’s heat pump has done a marvelous job keeping your home cool throughout the summer. But with fall underway, now is the time to transition your unit to heating duty. Despite current warm daytime temperatures, chilly winter weather will be here before you know it. Although there’s plenty that your HVAC technician must do […]

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Wondering What Types Of Insulation To Use? A Guide For Homeowners

Increasing the amount of insulation in your home is a great way to save on utility bills this winter. Also, if you’re completing a renovation or starting a new construction project, you need to know what types of insulation work best in different areas. Here’s a look at four of the most commonly used types […]

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Feeling The Chill This Winter? Make Sure You Have Proper Insulation

Do you have a hard time maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home? Many homes, especially older ones, are not insulated as well as they should be. You may have walls, ceilings or floors that are cold during the winter. Or your energy bills may be higher than they should be. If so, improving your […]

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Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is Just as Important in Commercial Settings

Keeping your home HVAC system well-tuned and well maintained is crucial to ensuring consistent, reliable performance and indoor comfort. Whether you use a furnace, central air conditioner or heat pump, preventive HVAC maintenance should be performed at least annually to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns during the height of heating or cooling season.

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The Most Common Plumbing Problems and How To Fix Them

Clogged drains are probably the most common plumbing problems in residential settings. Drains for sinks, bathtubs, and other plumbing fixtures can be clogged with food, grease, hair, soap residue, and other materials that are commonly sent down the drain. To unclog a drain: Try a sink plunger, either one of the standard cup-style plungers or […]

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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Considerations

Tankless water heaters aren’t difficult to care for, but like any other appliance, they do require regular upkeep to continue performing at top efficiency. Proper tankless water heater maintenance depends on the type of water in your home. Both hard and acidic water affects these water heaters.

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Install Anti-Scald Devices at Home for Constant Family Protection

The importance of anti-scald devices in the home can be seen in the statistics. The American Hospital Association reports that over 112,000 Americans visit emergency rooms for hot water-related injuries each year. Of these, 27,000 are children. Water that unexpectedly rises a mere 10 degrees above the normal temperature for activities like washing dishes and […]

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Optimal Ductwork Design Made Easier with Pre-Fabrication

In a new construction or remodeling project, a major investment in heating and cooling equipment should be accompanied by equal attention to the ductwork that distributes conditioned air from your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or other system. Proper ductwork design is critical to getting the best possible performance from your HVAC system.

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Have a Pro Clear Clogs with a Drain Snake

Can you buy a hand-operated drain snake and try to clear a clogged pipe yourself? Definitely, yes. Will it work? Depends. If not, after the expense, wasted effort and mess you’ll still end up calling a professional plumber to rescue the situation. If the clog is as simple as a ball of hair and soap […]

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What the Pros Look for During Routine Sprinkler Inspections

Whether your commercial facility is a small office or a vast warehouse or production plant, a top priority is to keep the area safe from the possibility of fire. A high-quality fire alarm, along with a sprinkler system, is your first line of defense against the property damage, injury and death that could result from […]

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Commercial-Grade HVAC Chiller

A commercial-grade HVAC chiller is a key component of many commercial and industrial cooling and refrigeration systems. Chillers are used in applications such as cooling buildings, providing refrigeration for raw materials or important supplies that can’t be exposed to heat, and providing cooling for equipment as it operates. HVAC chillers are also commonly used to […]

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If You’re Installing a New Furnace, Here Are Some Add-ons You Should Consider

When installing a new furnace, there’s additional equipment available that homeowners should also consider. These features will help ensure the furnace is running at an increased efficiency and with optimal safety. Additional Equipment for New Furnaces Chimney liner – This lining is needed if the heating equipment runs around the 80 percent efficiency range. These […]

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Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures to Install in Your Home

If you’d like to conserve water to save a precious, expendable resource and lower your household utility bills at the same time, installing water-saving plumbing fixtures can help you reduce your overall consumption. Here are some efficient fixtures worth considering: Water-Saving Faucets If you still have conventional faucets in your home, you’re not only using […]

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Manual or Programmable Thermostat? Why You Should Upgrade

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve looked down at our power bill and realized there must be a better way. When we start making a home energy efficient, we can begin with adjusting habits, and then moving onto cleaning and replacing old heating and HVAC elements. It could be a duct cleaning, or purchasing […]

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