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Hydro Jetting Service Can Clear Your Commercial Pipes

Drain systems and plumbing pipes in commercial and retail establishments face demands that residential plumbing systems rarely see. Sinks and drains in restaurants are subjected to many types of food waste as well as grease, fats, oils and other material that can solidify and clog a drain pipe. Toilets, especially those available to the public, […]

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Re-Piping Your Plumbing System Requires Expert Help

Over the years, the pipes in your home that supply you with freshwater can corrode and affect the operation of your plumbing system. If you’ve been experiencing problems with water delivery — reduced pressure or flow — to various areas of your home, re-piping your plumbing system may be necessary. Nothing is worse than turning […]

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Proper Attic Insulation Can Save Energy and Keep You Comfortable

The most important target area for home insulation is usually the attic. The reason is simple: During winter, furnace heat naturally rises and conducts and radiates through the ceiling, losing energy into the colder attic. In summer, a broiling, overheated attic conducts and radiates heat downward, raising temperatures in living spaces and overworking your A/C. […]

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Winter’s Worst Home Energy Efficiency Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes the need to prepare your home for the impending cold weather. Now’s the time to get started on projects to improve your home energy efficiency. The biggest mistake you can make this season is being unprepared. Here are some of the other common mistakes people […]

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The Pros and Cons of Water and Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you are considering upgrading your home with an energy efficient geothermal heat pump system, you may want to learn more about the pros and cons of two different variations of these green HVAC systems. Both water source and ground source heat can be used to draw warmth indoors during the heating months and as […]

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Steps to Take When Your Air Conditioner Is Causing Problems

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly, life can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. There are some things you can do, however, before you call in a professional. The following four steps may help you to locate and solve the problem. 1. Check the Condenser’s Air Intake If debris is cluttering the condenser’s air intake, your […]

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Insulation Basics: What Are R-Values?

When figuring out how to best insulate your home, it’s important to understand R-values, the system for rating insulation’s ability to resist heat transfer, either into your home in the summer or out of it in the winter. Choosing an appropriate insulating material for your home requires making choices based upon R-value. While a higher […]

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7 Energy Saving Myths You’ve Been Following (And What To Do Instead)

As energy costs have risen in recent years, many energy saving myths have sprung up that supposedly help you conserve. Some, however, are simply false, and others have good intentions, but in reality, can cost you more, particularly with your heating and cooling system. Closing off a room saves energy. While it would seem this […]

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Thermal Expansion Valve: Achieving Top Air Conditioner Efficiency

Air conditioning accounts for up to half of your home’s energy consumption during the hot, humid summer months on the East Coast. If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner, several advanced features should top the list of the most important technology to look for in a new A/C. These include: High SEER rating Variable-speed […]

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The Best Types of Insulation

Unless you’re building a new home, the best insulation types to use are those that match the existing insulation in your home. If the insulation in your attic is fiberglass batts, it makes sense to replace or augment it with those. However, if you’re adding a space or rehabbing an existing space, it’s helpful to […]

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Can’t Decide On A Geothermal System? Learn the Basics

Investing in a geothermal system is a big decision that will reward you with significant paybacks. Learning the basics about geothermal energy can help you determine if you are ready to take the next step towards this clean, money saving technology. Geothermal systems work by utilizing the earth (or a water source) as a nearly […]

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Do You Need A Furnace Upgrade? How To Make Room In Your Budget

When you notice that your furnace is costing you more to run or it’s making strange noises, it may be time to consider a furnace upgrade. This is especially true if you have a furnace that still uses a pilot light, which means it may be 25 years or older. Finding a way to fit […]

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Surprising Health Benefits of Home Air Cleaners

Today, there’s greater focus on healthy living than ever before. However, many people overlook the impact of poor indoor air quality on their homes. Using home air cleaners can improve your family’s overall health and quality of life. Indoor Air Quality Research has shown that indoor air quality can be significantly worse than outdoor air. […]

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Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency With An Annual Tune Up

With the 2020 cooling season getting closer every day, now’s a good time to schedule your yearly tune-up for your air conditioner. You can improve air conditioner efficiency substantially by having your local trusted HVAC professional conduct a preventive maintenance inspection, often called a tune-up, on your cooling system. Yearly tune-ups ensure that your air […]

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9 Tips For Choosing An HVAC Contractor

When choosing an HVAC contractor, keep this in mind: Anybody may claim to be one. However, a business card and a toolbox don’t make the local handyman a qualified, professional contractor—particularly with today’s sophisticated heating and cooling technology that demands a high level of training and expertise. The person you allow into your home to […]

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Solar Safety 101

You’ve heard a lot about solar panels: how they can save energy, save you money, save the environment, and more. Under the right circumstances, they can be a great investment for your home. But before you get them, there are a few things you need to know. You need to learn about solar safety. Solar […]

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