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Vent Deflectors and Ways to Get Around Closing Your Vents

Closing vents might seem like a good solution in some cases, such as when furniture blocks them, but vent deflectors offer a better, more energy-efficient solution. Here are some benefits to using these deflectors and how using them the right way can conserve energy in your home. Directing Air Around Furniture Conditioned air coming from […]

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How to Remedy Heat Loss in Your Delaware Home

When those icy winds start blowing, you’re probably more worried about cold getting into your home than heat escaping. But heat loss is the main problem when it comes to keeping a house warm and comfortable in colder weather. The laws of physics dictate that heat will move toward cold, unless some other factor is […]

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Electronic Air Cleaners: The Technology Behind These Nifty Systems

Electronic air cleaners have been around in commercial use for years. Hospitals require sterilized environments in operating rooms and intensive care sections, since random pollutants floating around in a surgical ward are not acceptable. Electronic air cleaners such as those used in hospitals and sterile labs have been reproduced in a form that’s both affordable […]

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5 Principles of HVAC Ductwork Design

The principles of ductwork design used today correct many common installation errors of years past. However, the benefits of good duct design, such as lower energy bills and greater comfort, are only applicable to your Mid-Atlantic home if you hire the right contractor that adheres to industry best practices. If you suspect you need duct […]

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Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Offer Delaware Residents 5 Benefits

Have you thought about the possibility of adding a geothermal heat pump to your Delaware area home? This less-conventional home heating and cooling solution provides five major benefits over traditional HVAC options. Here’s a glimpse of each one. Lower energy bills The most efficient furnace you can find on the market today is about 94 […]

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Solve Spring Allergy Problems: Tips to Boost Indoor Air Quality

As the door closes on cold and flu season, allergy season springs to life, much to the chagrin of allergy sufferers and loved ones with respiratory issues. Solve spring allergy problems this season, and all through the year, with these tips to boost indoor air quality in your home. DIY indoor air quality tips

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7 Energy Saving Myths You’ve Been Following (And What To Do Instead)

As energy costs have risen in recent years, many energy saving myths have sprung up that supposedly help you conserve. Some, however, are simply false, and others have good intentions, but in reality, can cost you more, particularly with your heating and cooling system. Closing off a room saves energy. While it would seem this […]

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Beware the Common Summer Plumbing Problems

As the warmer weather draws near, common summer plumbing problems can occur. Although most of us don’t think about plumbing during the summer months, problems with condensation, too much rain, and plumbing overuse are often an issue. Here are some tips to avoid plumbing problems this summer. Avoid sewer line backups. Keep your sewer lines […]

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Pilot Light Problems: What You Should Do

A faltering pilot light on a cold Wilmington winter night is enough to worry anyone, but not all pilot light problems will shut your furnace down. Many are easy to solve by yourself, while a few require a furnace technician. Flame won’t stay lit — Try relighting the pilot light while holding the ignition switch […]

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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient Throughout the Fall

As fall kicks in and the home heating season approaches, many homeowners resign themselves to high energy costs and sub-optimal home comfort. But this fall season can offer you plenty of opportunities for energy savings and green living in your energy-efficient home. Here are a few ideas to try. 1. Light for ambiance You may […]

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Take Advantage of HVAC Rebates and Savings

The New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area’s humid summers and snowy winters take their toll on your heating and cooling system. If you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out system, HVAC rebates can help you save. Rebates Bring Your Money Back While a price discount or coupon reduces your upfront costs at the time of […]

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Fall Renovations? Don’t Forget to Maintain Your HVAC

Your HVAC system is susceptible to dirt, dust and other debris that can build up inside of it. One challenge is to keep it free from contamination during home renovations and other repair work. This is a fairly easy task to stick to, and it will pay dividends by avoiding any problems with the system […]

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Protect Your Investment — Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

Protecting your business from crime and related problems can seem like it requires you to be in more than one location at the same time. While there’s no way to overcome the physical limitations preventing this, you can expand your visual reach by using security cameras. Surveillance via security cameras allows you to keep a […]

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5 Tips to Unclogging a Drain Before Calling a Professional

Backed up plumbing is never an ideal situation. The warnings signs come first as pooling water and nasty, unpleasant odors. But you know your Delaware-area home is in real trouble with your sink or shower refuses to drain at all. Before calling the plumber for an emergency fix, consider these five DIY tips for unclogging […]

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Start Benefiting From Heating Maintenance Early

Winter is right around the corner, so don’t wait until it hits to get prepared. Schedule heating maintenance to get ready for winter and start benefiting today! PREVENT HEATING EMERGENCIES A heating system failure in the heart of winter can cause you to suffer in a cold, uncomfortable home while waiting for repairs. Scheduling a […]

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Take Charge of Mold Problems in Your Home

Mold is common indoors and outdoors, and it is difficult to fully eliminate. If that sounds worrisome, it shouldn’t. Mold only becomes a problem for people when it starts to grow and releases spores, which can cause allergic responses. There are actions you can take to deter mold growth. Here are ways to deal with […]

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How to Pick a New Water Heater for Your Business Building

A steady source of hot water is required for customers and employees in commercial settings. If your business uses processes that require hot water, such as cooking or cleaning, the need for a reliable water heater will be even greater. Choosing the right water heater for a commercial establishment should be done carefully after evaluating […]

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Zoning Systems Keep Every Part Of Your Home At The Right Temperature

Many homeowners struggle with trying to get their entire house at one consistent, ideal temperature. The problem gets worse when family members can’t agree on what that temperature should be; different people have different ideas of comfort. Zoning systems help resolve both of these problems.

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