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Peace Of Mind With Sobieski’s Universal Service Agreement

Preventive maintenance provides a host of benefits for homeowners who invest in it. Sobieski’s Universal Service Agreement takes preventive maintenance a step further by offering homeowners even more benefits. And when homeowners in the Wilmington area choose Sobieski Services, they get a highly qualified Lennox Premier Dealer, too.

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Sewer System Care: Learn 3 Techniques That Root Out Problems

Sewer system care corrects many common problems and, better yet, prevents even more. Many major problems down the line show only subtle signs — or none at all — early on, when they may often be corrected by simple techniques. Advances in technology have armed your plumbing professional with an array of options that allow […]

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Keeping an Eye on Plumbing Maintenance Can Ward Off Emergencies

Taking care of your home can sometimes feel like a full-time job. From chores that keep your home clean to HVAC repairs to plumbing preventive maintenance, there’s no end to the things that keep your home running smoothly. Taking preventative measures is critical, however, if you want to avoid complications and the expensive repairs that […]

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Indoor Air Quality Lacking? Improve It In 3 Steps

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is as important as air quality outdoors. As pollution levels inside can exceed 100 times outdoor levels, in today’s airtight, energy-efficient houses you’re certain to get a concentrated dose of whatever’s present in your household air. Indoor air quality can be diminished by both internal and […]

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Your Geothermal Heating and Cooling System: 5 Maintenance Musts

Geothermal heating and cooling provides highly efficient, year-round home comfort. It’s a growing trend in America; more than one million homeowners have installed geothermal systems on their properties so far. One major benefit of geothermal heating and cooling systems is that they require minimal maintenance. With few moving parts, there’s little that can go wrong. […]

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Repair or Replace? Making the Best Decision for Your Building’s HVAC System

For the owner or manager of a building, an unreliable heating or cooling system can be more than a simple annoyance. If your HVAC system doesn’t work properly, your tenants will be inconvenienced at the very least, and could become justifiably angry over difficulties with the HVAC equipment. Customers and clients, too, will be uncomfortable […]

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Water Heaters: Increase Your System’s Energy-Savings Potential

Next to cooling and heating your home, water heaters use the most energy. Lowering your water heating costs is one of the easiest ways to save energy, since you may not even notice any difference after you employ all or some of these tips to help you contain your water heating costs:

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How to Keep Your Shop Space Cool and Comfortable

There’s more time and light in the summer to work on your hobbies. If you have a unique space where you work on art, carpentry, welding, music, or any other activity, you’re going to want to keep it comfortable even when the temperatures outside aren’t. Excessive heat is not only unsustainable for you, it can […]

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Benefits of Home Energy Inspections

No home can be 100 percent energy efficient, but most homes have some room for improvement — and an improvement in your home’s energy efficiency also means an improvement in your home comfort, and a reduction in your energy bills. With many available avenues to improving your home’s efficiency, a home energy inspection can help […]

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How to Manage Water Problems in Your West Chester Home

Water problems can damage almost everything in your home if left unchecked, from your clothing and skin to your home’s foundation and health. Here are some common issues and solutions to help manage some common water problems in your West Chester home. Install a Water Softener A water softener replaces troublesome minerals in your water […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Cool air blowing from your vents is certainly welcome on warm summer days, but definitely not in the middle of a cold Mid-Atlantic winter day or night. Whether your furnace is an older model or more modern, a little troubleshooting may be all you need. So, before you call your HVAC professional, check these three […]

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Get an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy That Dream Home

As you search for your new Wilmington home, you may be focused on the size and design of the homes that you’re considering. In addition to having a standard home inspection on the house you intend to buy, it’s essential to take the time to have an HVAC inspection completed by a professional. Here are […]

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Remedying the Return-Air Problems in Your Home

A common problem in older homes with forced-air heating and cooling is that they lack sufficient return-air ducts to take air out of the room and back into the system. There may be only one return-air grille placed in a central location, or grilles could be in obstructed locations, such as in a closet or […]

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Maintenance for a Ductless Mini-Split System

Your ductless mini-split system works hard to keep you cool and comfortable. Like any other HVAC system, it needs consistent maintenance to function at maximum efficiency. Many maintenance steps must be completed by your qualified HVAC pro, but there are cleaning and care steps you should be doing in between service visits. Maintaining Your Ductless […]

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Make Sure Your Ducts Stay Clean with These Tips

Despite the Wilmington area’s high air quality, we still have plenty of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants floating area. To prevent those contaminants from accumulating in your ducts, there are a few precautions to take. Protect Your Ductwork The main purpose of an HVAC air filter is to protect the system from airborne […]

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The Closed-Loop Geothermal System: Making It Nice and Simple

A closed-loop geothermal system can offer extremely high levels of heating and cooling efficiency delivered at a price that fuel-based or electrical systems cannot match. When planning and designing your geothermal installation, it’s best to keep the system as simple as possible to get the best performance with the least amount of expense and trouble. […]

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

Clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking is dependent on the source that enters your house. Whether your water is supplied by a well or by a municipal source, it may fall short of your quality standards. Water filtration systems improve these standards by allowing you to control the end product. The two primary types […]

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The Ductless Mini-Split: A Neat Little Way To Heat And Cool

Do you need to get conditioned air to a space in your home that your main duct system doesn’t service? A ductless mini-split could be the perfect comfort solution for you. Mini-splits can help if you’re dealing with a recent addition, hydronic heating, space heaters or even guest rooms that don’t always need to be […]

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