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Get Rid of Noisy Air Vents

It’s normal for air vents to make some noise when your HVAC system is on, but an unusually noisy vent can indicate a problem. If you have noisy vents in your home, use the following information to figure out what’s causing them and what to do about it. High-Pitched Noise One of the most common […]

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How to Reduce Household Dust and Improve Air Quality

Pet hair, dander and pollen can all make you miserable, but chronic sufferers of allergy attacks will tell you that the biggest culprit is household dust. It seems like a never-ending battle, but performing a few chores regularly can help you reduce household dust and minimize allergic reactions, helping you breathe more easily. Tips to […]

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Shower Efficiently –Tips on Not Wasting Water

If you are like most homeowners, your bathroom is probably the largest water usage source – as well as water waste. Between your shower, tub, sink and toilet, most bathrooms are wasting water. By taking steps to make your home more environmentally friendly by conserving water, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint and […]

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Low-Flow Faucets and Showerheads: The Sensible Way to Save Water

Unless you’re accustomed to taking “Navy showers” in your household, showering is probably one of the largest water expenditures your home has. In fact, before new showerhead regulations went into effect in 1992, some showerheads had water flow rates of up to 5.5 gallons per minute – nearly a full gallon of water use every […]

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Homeowners Can Benefit From Home Advisor’s Tips For Energy Savings

Are you looking for ways to cut energy costs in your home? According to Energy Star’s Home Advisor, homeowners could save as much as 31 percent annually on their energy bills by using some of the following simple tips to increase energy savings:

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Leaking Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Do

A leaking air conditioner is a clear sign of a problem in your cooling system. When the A/C is working properly, condensed water is expelled outside through the built-in drainage system. Learning some of the possible causes of a leaking air conditioner can help you fix the issue on your own or know when to […]

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Indicative Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Water heating is an important function in any home. However, your water heater typically doesn’t attract attention until it needs a maintenance check, or when it’s at the end of its useful lifespan. If you’re experiencing water heater troubles, use this guide to see if it’s time for a new water heater. Poor Water Quality […]

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Mold: Strategies to Keep It Under Control

Are you worried about mold or mildew in your home? Have you found those typical black fuzzy telltale signs on walls, in the bathroom or in other damp areas? This unsightly problem is something you’re going to want to quickly address. Left untreated it will spread, damaging interior surfaces and potentially becoming a health issue […]

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Insulation Upgrades Work Best When the Right Type Is Used

If your home was built more than 10 years ago, it probably doesn’t have sufficient insulation. Home construction during previous eras of cheaper energy often skimped on attic insulation. As long as utility costs were low, it was a convenient way to save on building costs. Relying on 20th century standards in 2013, however, is […]

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Vent Deflectors and Ways to Get Around Closing Your Vents

Closing vents might seem like a good solution in some cases, such as when furniture blocks them, but vent deflectors offer a better, more energy-efficient solution. Here are some benefits to using these deflectors and how using them the right way can conserve energy in your home. Directing Air Around Furniture Conditioned air coming from […]

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NATE Certification is a Good Indicator of a Great Technician

Short for North American Technician Excellence, is the best indicator of the most qualified HVAC contractors and technicians in the industry. NATE is a nonprofit corporation that provides the most rigorous training and testing for HVAC technicians in the U.S. Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge and technical mastery at the time of initial testing and […]

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Practical Ways to Prevent Employee Theft

Business operations at almost all levels present temptations and opportunities for employee theft. Cashiers handle large sums of cash every day. Retail stock personnel move substantial amounts of inventory and other material, some of which could easily be pilfered. Even in the executive offices mishandling of funds or theft of equipment is a possibility. To […]

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Sump Pumps Could Help Your Home — See What Experts Think About Them

A sump pump can prove an indispensable emergency-preparedness device in the event water accumulation or flooding occurs in the basement or crawl space of the home. Find out what the experts say about sump pumps, and decide for yourself if your home (and peace of mind) would benefit with a sump system. Sump Pump Benefits […]

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Preventing A/C Water Leaks With Professional Help

It makes little difference if your air conditioner is a few years old or a decade old. Regularly scheduled maintenance is required for preventing A/C water leaks and drainage overflow. Air conditioners function with great energy efficiency when they have unhindered airflow, correct refrigerant levels and when all other components are maintained and replaced or […]

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Prevent Mold Growth For Optimal Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

The airtight nature of modern homes makes it especially important to pay attention to keeping air quality as pure as possible. Leaks and high indoor humidity can quickly lead to a mold problem. When you prevent mold growth, you help safeguard your family’s health from this common air pollutant. Health hazards of mold Asthma: mold […]

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5 Principles of HVAC Ductwork Design

The principles of ductwork design used today correct many common installation errors of years past. However, the benefits of good duct design, such as lower energy bills and greater comfort, are only applicable to your Mid-Atlantic home if you hire the right contractor that adheres to industry best practices. If you suspect you need duct […]

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Landscaping Tips to Keep Your A/C Unit from Being an Eyesore

You probably don’t consider your outdoor A/C compressor the prettiest feature in your yard. But does it have to be such an eyesore? Believe it or not, there are things to do to minimize its intrusiveness. Here are some landscaping tips that will help you deal with yours. Fitting the A/C into the Landscaping The […]

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