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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

Clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking is dependent on the source that enters your house. Whether your water is supplied by a well or by a municipal source, it may fall short of your quality standards. Water filtration systems improve these standards by allowing you to control the end product. The two primary types […]

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Ductless Mini Split Installation: Some Parts are DIY

Ductless system components are compact and manageable enough for a do-it-yourselfer homeowner to handle, as far as lifting and moving. But, that may be as far ductless mini split installation should go without the helping hand of your HVAC professional. Here’s why. Guide to Ductless Mini Split Performance Ductless mini splits feature advanced components and […]

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Use Your Tax Credits and Install Geothermal Cooling and Heating

Unlike other kinds of high efficiency HVAC equipment, federal tax credits are still active for geothermal heat pumps. The credit is in place to encourage homeowners to install these systems because of their low carbon footprint, high efficiency and unparalleled durability. The tax credit for qualifying geothermal system that homeowners can claim covers nearly the […]

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Don’t Let Home Safety Fall By the Wayside – Use This DIY Checklist

Home safety should be everyone’s No. 1 priority. Yet the National Safety Council reports that preventable deaths from accidents in homes continue to rise every year. Many mishaps can be avoided by taking simple steps and making easy adjustments to your lifestyle. Home safety begins by taking stock of where hazards exist, realizing how injuries […]

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Installing a Furnace? It’s a Good Time to Add Other Equipment

As a homeowner, any time you replace a major piece of HVAC equipment, you should consider adding extras to improve its performance. Several add-ons can improve efficiency, safety and performance when you’re installing a furnace. Air filters. To easily improve the quality of the air in your house, upgrade standard flat-panel furnace filters with pleated […]

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8 Silly Halloween Jokes For The Whole Family

Happy Halloween! Enjoy these eight silly halloween-inspired jokes fit for the whole family. How do ghosts get to the second floor? They take the scares! [Tweet this!] What do ghosts put on their cereal? Boo-berries! [Tweet this!] Where do mummies go for a swim? The Dead Sea! [Tweet this!] Why didn’t the skeleton cross the […]

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It Pays to Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes it does pay to spend money to save money, and preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is one of those things. It’s probably the most expensive appliance in your home and like all things mechanical, needs periodic attention to run efficiently and dependably. Giving it the service it needs pays off in: Lower energy […]

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Hot Water Dispensers: An Upgrade with Immediate Results

Waiting for the kettle to boil when you are in the mood for an excellent cup of tea can be very frustrating. Kettles use a lot of energy and when lime scale or calcium starts to build-up, it takes longer for the kettle to boil water, thereby increasing the amount of energy used. Your kitchen […]

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Radiant Heating Starts at Your Feet and Works Its Way Up

Radiant heat works by heating inanimate objects, such as ceilings, walls or floors, instead of heating and then circulating the air as forced-air heating systems do. The heat radiates from an element installed under the floor, behind the wall or above the ceiling, and into your home virtually unnoticed. What Are the Disadvantages? No ductwork […]

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Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

When it comes to detecting a clogged sewer line, troubleshooting isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think. Fortunately, there are some early tell-tale signs indicating the source of this type of common plumbing problem. Blockages are usually caused by an accumulation of organic matter, like hair or grease. Based on how quickly a drain […]

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Do You Have Home Insulation in These Areas?

Home insulation is an essential tool for energy efficiency. If your home isn’t insulated properly, moisture and air can leak through the home. Inadequate moisture control will lead to mold and mildew growth while air leaks will cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder than necessary to keep your home comfortable. Make sure […]

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Learn How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

Water heaters typically last anywhere from 10 to 12 years, but their lifespan and water-heating efficiency may be dramatically extended with a little TLC. Keep reading to learn how simple it is to keep your water heater operating reliably and at peak performance. Hot Water Temperature Whether you use a gas or electric water heating […]

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Best Places to Install Security Cameras Around Your Office

It’s impossible to be everywhere in your business at once, but that doesn’t stop problems from popping up while you’re not around. By strategically placing security cameras around your office, you can still keep an eye on things even when you can’t be there in person. The best places to install security cameras in an […]

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Q & A: The Most Efficient Way To Heat & Cool Your Home

With oil prices on the rise, it’s time to start looking at other ways to heat and cool your home. But with so many choices, how do you know which is the most efficienct or best for your home? That’s what Frank Gregory, host of WDEL 1150AM Saturday Morning Hot Spot, asked John Fletcher, Sobieski […]

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Types of Water Shutoff Valves

If the extent of your plumbing knowledge is unclogging a toilet or a sink, you’re certainly not alone. As a homeowner, you don’t really need to know a lot about plumbing. However, knowing where each water shutoff valve is located in your home can prevent a common plumbing mess from becoming a major plumbing emergency. […]

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Choosing An Air Purification System? Look For These 4 Factors

Whether it’s in the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter, you spend much of your time closed off from fresh Delaware air. The cooling and heating equipment in your home is constantly circulating particles and contaminants, many of which are filtered out through your filtration system. Others escape your filter. An air […]

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What to Do About Low Water Pressure

Normal residential water pressure averages about 40 to 50 PSI. When water pressure in your home drops below that range, generally you notice it. First, water flow out of faucets and showerheads seems less forceful. You’ll also notice that the washing machine tends to take an extra long time to fill before wash and rinse […]

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