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Home Upgrades That Can Decrease Energy Consumption

Sometimes it seems as if trying to lower your energy consumption at home is a full-time job. Fortunately, there are many different techniques that can help you accomplish this, but if you want to make an impact right away, we suggest you focus on making a couple important home upgrades. Install a Programmable Thermostat Manual […]

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Efficient Energy Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

The cost of energy is one of the biggest expenses for commercial buildings, but it’s also an expense that’s more controllable than others. By applying appropriate energy upgrades for commercial buildings, owners, managers and tenants can make significant reductions in the amount of energy that’s used and the amount of money spent each month on […]

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Zoning System Design for Light Commercial Buildings

A zoned heating and cooling system provides excellent levels of comfort while allowing building occupants substantial control over the temperatures in their own zone. Zoning systems are frequently used in residential settings, but these practical and efficient HVAC set-ups can be just as useful for a light commercial building, such as an office or small […]

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Heat Recovery Ventilation for Your Commercial Space: What Is It?

In a commercial environment, one major challenge is providing enough ventilation while keeping the indoor spaces warm without wasting energy or money. In the winter, with cool air being brought in to provide ventilation, a heating system may have to work overtime to warm incoming ventilated air to an acceptable temperature. When this happens, you’re […]

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Why Is Your Cooling Capacity Measured in Tons?

The cooling capacity of the typical residential air conditioner is two to four tons. Though, it doesn’t mean that the air conditioner weighs 4,000 to 8,000 pounds. “Ton” in HVAC terminology and context is a measurement of heat energy movement rather than a measurement of weight. “Tons” of Cooling Back in the 1800s before modern […]

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Benefits of Radiant Cooling and Heating Systems for Your Business

Radiant heating can be an efficient alternative to conventional forced-air systems. Generally, two methods exist to heat and cool a room. You can remotely heat and cool air, then disperse the conditioned air through ductwork. Or, you can utilize radiant technology to heat large surfaces in the room such as the floors or walls and […]

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Preventing Basement Flooding

The rains and increased surface water runoff that characterize the spring season can be dangerous to your basement. Water can seep through your foundation and cause basement flooding. This mess usually leaves a lot of work to be done and can be costly. Fortunately, you can take the steps below to protect your basement from […]

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Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips Your System Needs Right Away

Late spring and early summer are prime times for inclement weather, including heavy thunderstorms and even hurricanes, for Mid-Atlantic residents. These causes of potentially heavy rains can wreck havoc on your home’s plumbing system if you aren’t properly prepared. The following plumbing maintenance tips will help you get your outdoor and indoor plumbing and drainage […]

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Learn How Your A/C’s Refrigeration Cycle Works

The Wilmington area’s high summer temperatures make it important to care for your air conditioner if you expect it to keep you cool all season long. Understanding the refrigeration cycle and the role of each component in that cycle helps you perform better routine A/C maintenance. The cooling process relies on a substance called refrigerant, […]

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Pays Off In More Ways Than One

Before the hot weather gets here, the working condition of your air conditioning unit should be examined. You’ll want to make sure that your unit is working properly, now, so that your air conditioner can function well throughout summer. The last thing that you want to is to be stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioner […]

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Convenient Design — Add a Built In Soap Dispenser to Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and germ-free is a continual and never ending task. And when your hands get covered in chicken or other meat juices, it is really easy to transfer bacteria from your hands to other surfaces in the kitchen, especially the outside of your faucet or soap container, which can be really counter-productive. […]

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Insulation is Important Year-Round

The most powerful and energy-efficient HVAC system available will be nearly useless if your commercial building isn’t properly insulated. Here is a brief introduction to insulation and its purpose and why you need to make sure your commercial space has plenty of the right insulation. Insulation Basics The basic function of insulation is to limit […]

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Garbage Disposal Issues that Need Professional Attention

Like any mechanical device, a garbage disposal incurs wear and tear. Often, they’re subject to abuse as well, as many people attempt to grind certain leftovers that don’t belong in a disposal in the first place. Disposals combine powerful motors, sharp blades and electrical current. When garbage disposal malfunctions occur, diagnosis and repair is strictly […]

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SEER Efficiency Ratings: How the Numbers Add Up

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a rating system that measures the cooling efficiency of A/Cs and heat pumps. Specifically, the rating gauges the efficiency of an air conditioner or heat pump over the duration of an entire season. You may notice some equipment is labelled with the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER simply […]

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How A Humidifier Can Keep Your Home Healthy

When static electric shocks have become a part of daily life, you know that the air in your house is too dry. While the tiny jolts are annoying enough, a dry house can have other detrimental effects as well, such as contributing to sinus problems, drying out skin, and triggering nosebleeds. A great way to […]

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Top Office Design Trends to Inspire & Energize Employees

In the modern workforce, traditional ways of arranging workspaces are giving way to new techniques and processes that emphasize employee comfort, engagement and collaboration. Here are some of the office design trends that are shaping the landscape of the early twenty-first century office. Open floor plans and collaborative spaces: The traditional office set-up, with closed-in […]

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The Value Of the New Energy Star Label: Most Efficient

The Energy Star label has long been a reliable source of information for homeowners shopping for new appliances, electronics, HVAC equipment and other products that consume energy. Items that carry the Energy Star label are highly energy efficient. Products earn the label only after they’ve been tested in government laboratories and certified to meet established […]

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