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4 Types of Whole-House Air Cleaning & Filtration Technology to Consider

Your home’s central heating and cooling system represents the front lines in the battle to keep your air clean and healthy. When it comes to whole-house air cleaning and filtration, there are plenty of options to consider, such as these four common filtration and purification technologies. Flat Filters The vast majority of central air furnaces […]

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Ventilation Keeps Your Home’s Air Fresh

Newer homes are constructed much tighter than in days of yore. That’s great when it comes to energy efficiency, but not so great when it comes to indoor air quality. The air in most modern homes tends to be more polluted than that outdoors, with a host of airborne particulates building up and no way […]

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A Zoning System Keeps Your Home In Perfect Tune

If your home comfort is lacking due to design features that inhibit even heating, a zoning system could be the right solution to your problem. By developing zones to allow precise delivery of heat as needed, you’ll watch hot and cold zones disappear overnight. Zoning systems use motorized dampers installed in ductwork, which correspond to […]

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Fan On vs. Auto: How Should You Set Your Thermostat Fan?

It isn’t difficult to choose a temperature setting on the thermostat. You simply select “heat” or “cool” and make your desired temperature adjustments. Setting your thermostat fan is a bit more challenging, however. Here’s some helpful advice on when to use the “on” and “auto” settings. When to Choose “On” When the fan is set […]

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Single Vs. Two-Stage Furnaces

If you’re planning to replace your older furnace, there are some advancements in home heating equipment that are worth exploring, like two stage furnaces. If you’ve always had a single-stage furnace, it’s good to learn how a two-stage model functions in comparison and what benefits the newer technology offers. Comparing How Single- and Two-Stage Furnaces […]

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Maximize Efficiency of Your Heat Pump Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are becoming more and more popular with homeowners in trying to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. But a heat pump’s thermostat works differently than a furnace-based heating system’s thermostat does. That doesn’t mean a heat pump isn’t an energy efficient way to heat your home; it just means that it […]

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Replacing a Sump Pump

Flooding is one of the worst disasters a homeowner may face. Water can cause expensive damage to your home and belongings in short order, and become a long-term health hazard in the form of toxic mold and mildew. These scenarios make your sump pump an indispensable appliance. Knowing when and how to replace your sump […]

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Benefits of Home Energy Inspections

No home can be 100 percent energy efficient, but most homes have some room for improvement — and an improvement in your home’s energy efficiency also means an improvement in your home comfort, and a reduction in your energy bills. With many available avenues to improving your home’s efficiency, a home energy inspection can help […]

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Control Dust In Your Home With Steps That Make A Difference

One of the best times of year to control dust in your home in the Wilmington area is during the winter when your windows are closed. Not only is dust a nuisance, it can also irritate allergies and asthma. Most of the dust in your home comes from the people living it, the pets and […]

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Ways to Protect Your Building Until Next Winter

The dangers that winter pose to your commercial building are over for another year. Frozen pipes, ice dams, and other cold-weather hazards won’t become issues again until the temperatures drop. There are, however, still several areas where your building could be at risk during the non-winter months. Here are some of those areas, along with […]

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Boiler Upgrade? Get Signature Quality With Lennox

Boilers might not be the most popular hearing equipment among homeowners in the Wilmington, Delaware area, but that doesn’t mean a boiler upgrade won’t result in a highly efficient system that provides optimal comfort. The area’s leading Lennox Premier Dealer, Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, is happy to discuss the Lennox GWB9-IH Boiler system […]

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Troubleshooting the Boiler: 6 Things That Could Go Wrong

Is boiler trouble in your Delaware home causing you to blow your top? The following tips will help when it comes to troubleshooting the boiler in your home. What to Look For When Troubleshooting Your Boiler The boiler doesn’t produce any heat. There can be many different reasons why the boiler isn’t heating: the fuse […]

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Helpful Winterization Tips for Your Home

Thorough winterization ensures that even in the worst of the Delaware and Maryland area’s cold spells, you’ll stay comfortably warm without running up outrageous energy bills. Winterization also prevents costly damage such as pipe bursts and roof leaks. Protect Your Plumbing Temperatures of 20 degrees and lower put your pipes at risk for freezing, even […]

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These Are the Most Important Areas to Insulate in Your Home

Where should you insulate to get the most benefit for the expense? Heat is always in motion from a warmer zone to a cooler zone. In winter, that means heat is leaking out of your home, causing your furnace to run longer to make up for the loss and utility bills to rise accordingly. During […]

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Heat Pump Water Heaters: How They Differ From the Conventional Electric Storage Options

As it is in homes, hot water is a vital element in the modern American commercial building. Cleaning, health and sanitation, personal hygiene and overall cleanliness depend on a steady source of hot water. Of the available options, heat pump water heaters offer what may be the best combination of energy efficiency, ongoing monetary savings […]

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Sizing the Air Conditioner in Your Home

The process of choosing a new air conditioner for your home could be one of the more complicated appliance purchases you make as a homeowner. It’s especially important to work with a professional HVAC contractor to size it correctly, since its ability to deliver comfort and energy efficiency depends on determining the best fit for […]

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Indoor Air Pollution: Why Particle Size Matters

Maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) is important to your health. Indoor pollution can aggravate allergies, exacerbate asthma and cause numerous other health issues. There are all different kinds of pollutants that reside in the air in your home, ranging from mildly irritating to extremely dangerous.

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Solar Shades to Reduce A/C Costs

They sit on the outside of windows and block a high percentage of the UV (ultraviolet) rays from entering. These shades are also available as mounted, pull-down screens on rollers, in lengths from six to 12 feet. Some are motorized and designed to be used as temporary patio covers. Blocking the direct sunlight reduces temperatures […]

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