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Ensuring Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work Well This Season

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas produced as a byproduct of combustion. If your furnace burns any type of fossil fuel, it will also produce carbon monoxide. The gas is usually safely directed outdoors by your furnace’s ventilation system. However, if the exhaust system malfunctions or if your furnace is compromised by problems such […]

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Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System Inspection: What to Look For to Ensure Your Company’s Safety

Probably the most basic and most necessary safety device in your commercial establishment is your fire alarm. Coupled with a sprinkler system, your fire alarm is your best defense against injury or death that could be caused by fires. Early detection and suppression of a fire can prevent catastrophic damage to property, equipment, vital records […]

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Fire Sprinkler Facts You Should Be Aware Of

In a commercial environment, fire safety is critical to protecting the lives and health of your employees and your customers. An effective means of fire suppression can also mean the difference between minor damage to your facility and its contents or total destruction of your business. A sprinkler system is probably the most effective and […]

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How Can Heat Pumps Help You Save Energy?

Heat pumps are proven energy-savers. Typically, a heat pump will transfer up to three units of heat energy for every one unit of electricity consumed. That’s because a heat pump doesn’t generate heat by natural gas combustion or electrical coils. The only energy consumed by a heat pump in either winter or summer is the […]

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7 Questions To Answer Before Hiring A New HVAC Contractor

Over the course of homeownership, hiring a new HVAC contractor is a task you will likely face. The job may feel overwhelming, with so many to choose from. Here are seven questions to ask of any potential hire to help make your decision easier.

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Everything You Should Know About Bathroom Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important throughout the entire home but is often overlooked in the bathroom. Although small in size, bathrooms can create major problems when moisture is not properly exhausted from the space. How does your bathroom ventilation system stack up? Read on to learn more. Why is bathroom ventilation important? Poorly ventilated bathrooms will […]

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Smart Troubleshooting Tips for Water Heater Overflows

Water heater overflows are a service issue to be handled by a professional plumber. Water heaters generate heat and pressure utilizing an open flame or high-voltage electrode. Those are all factors that, for safety’s sake, prohibit DIY fixes. However, you can narrow down possible issues causing water heater overflows and communicate them more effectively to […]

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Breathe Easy with the Right Type of Air Purifier

Spring pollen, city smog and cold viruses abound around the Delaware and Maryland area. However, not all of these contaminants are of equal concern to everyone. Because different air purifiers target different contaminants, the type of air purifier that’s best for your home depends largely on which air pollutants you want to eliminate. Higher-efficiency filters […]

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These Houseplants Will Help Clean the Air in Your Home

Allergens, dust and mold can infiltrate your house causing all sorts of health issues including nasal congestion, sore throat, sneezing, itching eyes and possibly worse. Aside from enclosing your home in a plastic bubble, there are things you can do to clean the air in your home. Did you know that houseplants will help clean […]

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Verifying that an HVAC Company is Reputable

When you consider what’s at stake in terms of your comfort, safety and budget, it makes sense to learn all you can about an HVAC company before you hire them. HVAC systems are complicated appliances and selecting a contractor makes a difference in its performance and your satisfaction.

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The Right Furnace Filter Makes a Big Difference in Your IAQ

Choosing the right furnace filter for your home and making sure it’s changed according to its specifications can make a big difference in your home’s air quality. Here are five types of furnace filters and their pros and cons, to help you decide the right kind for your home: A disposable fiberglass furnace filter is […]

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5 Steps to Help Improve the Security of Your Commercial Building

Security is a critical element that can’t be ignored. Even if excess news coverage makes the more extreme events seem more common than they actually are, most companies choose to err on the side of caution and impose thorough security measures. Here are five ways you can improve the security of your commercial building and […]

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Top Ways to Detect Air Leaks

Regardless of how much you turn the thermostat up, air leaks will undermine your comfort. Identifying their locations and sealing them will save energy and drop your heating bills, and in most cases, is a project most homeowners can do themselves. Energy Audits Licensed auditors and HVAC contractors conduct energy audits using blower doors that […]

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Things That Should Never Go Down the Drain

It’s easy to forget about what goes down the drain. Most of what gets in there are liquids, and the few solids that manage to pass through are too little to do enough damage, right? But that’s what many people get wrong. Chemicals and other products that go through the drainage end up mixing with […]

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Heat Pump Maintenance — Make It A Seasonal Affair

As a homeowner, you know that in order to keep, your utility bills low your HVAC system needs to continue running at peak performance. This is easy to achieve with a yearly tune-up. Heat pump maintenance, however, should be performed seasonally. There are a few things you can do yourself in the area of heat […]

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Easy Ways to Conserve Water in Your Building

A business can go through hundreds of gallons of water every day, so even small changes to conserve water can make a difference in your bills. In addition to saving you money, these changes also save a valuable natural resource. Best of all, most of the tactics that can reduce your water use won’t interfere […]

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Is It Time for a Professional Duct Cleaning? Find Out Today

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about professional duct cleaning. There are also a lot of scammers who may try to cheat you under the guise of cleaning your ductwork. They’ll offer to clean your ducts for a ridiculously low price. Then when they arrive at your house, they’ll tell you that you have a […]

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Guide to Energy Ratings for Windows and Doors

Around the Delaware and New Jersey area, where both heating and cooling are almost equally important, energy-efficient windows and doors have an appreciable effect on your comfortable and expenses. Energy ratings make it easy to find models that do more than just look good. U-factor — One of the most useful energy ratings in our […]

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