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Get the Most from Your HVAC System by Aiming and Redirecting Vents

In the Delaware and New Jersey area’s continental climate, it takes some planning to stay comfortable all year. Redirecting vents lets you optimize your heating and cooling system to achieve your preferred temperatures no matter what the weather. Directing Airflow in the Room The standard vent cover is a grille that’s screwed into place over […]

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Take Control of Your Home Comfort with an HVAC Service Agreement

Like any complex system, the HVAC system in your Wilmington-area home requires regular maintenance to make sure that it continues to run efficiency and safely, and to avoid the unnecessary repair costs that are associated with a lack of proper maintenance. An HVAC service agreement with a reputable contractor makes taking care of your system […]

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Tips for Dissolving Water Heater Sediment

If you look at the bottom of your water heater, you may see a buildup of sediment. This is because, during the heating process, minerals in the water separate and fall to the bottom of the water heater, which can build up overtime. These minerals can also build up on heating coils as well. When […]

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Workplace Fire Safety: Replace and Upgrade

Workplace fire safety requires an extremely high priority among matters of facilities management. A fire in a commercial setting has the potential to destroy thousands or even millions of dollars of merchandise, raw materials, and equipment. Even more importantly, a fire of that type could have an enormous human toll of injuries or deaths. Here […]

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Freezing Temps Can Lead to Freezing Pipes — How to Drain Them to Prevent Damage

Knowing how to drain your pipes to prevent freezing may help you avoid a future repair, as well as potentially catastrophic water damage to the interior of your home. Ice tends to form inside water supply lines when temperatures drop to about 28 degrees. This is especially a concern when your home’s unoccupied. For example, […]

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Whole-House Humidifiers Net Specific Advantages

With winter coming soon, you know you’ll be running your heating system again. But be careful. While your furnace is heating the air in your home, it’s also dehumidifying it. The winter air is already dry, and if the humidity gets too low, it can cause all sorts of problems—from dry, chapped lips and sore […]

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Clarifying Common Heating Misconceptions

In the winter, the cold, bitter temperatures have most people hiding out indoors. Staying comfortable and warm at home is the goal, unless you’re away on vacation skiing. So don’t allow yourself to fall for some beliefs that are actually just misconceptions when it comes to heating your home. Save yourself money, energy and comfort […]

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Ways to Better Manage Water Use in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings typically use a significant amount of water in the normal course of business. For building owners and managers who are interested in implementing some water conservation techniques, here are some ways to manage water use in a commercial context while still providing plenty of water for all of the activities that occur within […]

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Building an Addition to Your Home? Try These HVAC Solutions

As you move forward with designing a new addition, it’s a good idea to work with a heating and cooling contractor early on to find the best HVAC solutions for keeping the space comfortable. The type of system you select could have an impact on the design considerations and layout of the space. System Extension […]

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5 Common Central Heating Problems to Look Out For

In the cold, snowy winters around Delaware and Pennsylvania, central heating problems can make you miserable pretty fast. Familiarizing yourself with the most common issues can help you provide vital information to your service professional, so you can have your heat back on as soon as possible. No heat Make sure your furnace’s pilot light […]

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Before Upgrading a Home Heating System, Find an HVAC Tech and Get an Energy Audit

The two most important bases to cover before upgrading a heating system, include finding a solid HVAC contractor and getting an energy audit. Your contractor and a team of technicians are essential for selecting the right equipment and installation for your home and budget. An energy audit will tell you where you can easily improve […]

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can Keep Work Going Without Surprise Repairs

In your commercial or retail establishment, unexpected failures or breakdowns of your HVAC equipment can cause significant problems and disruptions in your daily operations. Your heating and cooling equipment are all mechanical systems, and like any mechanical system, they will eventually malfunction. Commercial HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace, heat pump, […]

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Daily Tips For Reduced Water Use

Your water consumption may be trickling unnecessary money out of your wallet on a daily basis. You can conserve water in many small ways that can collectively add up to large savings. Your water conservation efforts also benefit the environment for a win-win situation. Check each source of water usage in your home and garden, […]

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The Benefits of Modulating Furnaces

Just as other HVAC technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, furnace technology has advanced too. Furnaces now come with the option of having single-stage, double-stage or modulating operation. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, you may want to consider the latter. Take a look at the benefits that modulating furnaces […]

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Take Advantage of HVAC Rebates and Savings

The New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area’s humid summers and snowy winters take their toll on your heating and cooling system. If you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out system, HVAC rebates can help you save. Rebates Bring Your Money Back While a price discount or coupon reduces your upfront costs at the time of […]

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Duct Cleaning is an Important Part of HVAC Maintenance: Make it a Priority

Duct cleaning is an important part of your HVAC maintenance that often goes overlooked by homeowners. In fact, there is some debate on whether you should clean your ducts regularly. The EPA, however, suggests waiting until the need arises to clean your ductwork. Debris, fungus growth and vermin are three common problems that the EPA […]

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8 Indoor Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? This fall, make sure your home is prepared for the coming cold with these home maintenance tips. Get started now so these essential indoor fall maintenance tasks don’t get lost in the holiday hullabaloo. 8 Essential Indoor Fall Maintenance Tasks 1. Replace your furnace filter As a general rule, […]

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